We landed at Heathrow at 6:45 a.m. local time with a six hour jet lag.  After checking in with UK Border Patrol, we (about 20 or so Webster students) started to make our way through the corridor to go to Regent’s.  Of course, its not that easy.

As we are leaving the terminal, I make eye contact with a middle-aged woman in a pant suit.  BAD MISTAKE!

She comes at me and begins asking me questions and penciling figures on a form.  “What is your reason for being here, sir?” she asks.  Study Abroad.  “And your country of origin?” USA.  You’d be proud of me Larry.  By the third question, I began to think this situation was suspicious.  By the fifth question, I actually used some of the inquisitive journalism stuff you taught me.

“What is this for?” I asked (see! Journalism!) and she kinda glared at me.

"I'll ask the questions here!"

She explained she was with the Office of National Statistics and was doing a survey.  She continued asking questions and I answered her questions with about as much enthusiasm as a neutered dog.  After she asked the finally question, we ran for the exit and I stared at my shoes.

We opted for a taxi instead of the tube.  I didn’t have a clue about London rail and I just wanted to get to Regent’s.  We managed to squeeze five people and all of our luggage into the taxi and it only cost us 80 pounds.  The taxi driver was very nice and polite.

The RA staff helped us move into our rooms.  My roommate was already there chilling in his bed.  We shook hands and exchanged names.  His is Matt.  And that was the extent of our bonding because both of us crashed.  I slept for FIVE HOURS!

What I haven’t pointed out is how beautiful the Regent’s Campus is.  It is so lush and green.  I can’t wait to explore.

These are pictures from my third floor room.  There is no elevator, but if you’ve seen me put on pants, you’ll agree I need the exercise.  And I think you will agree, the view is worth it.  Click on the pictures for a larger picture.  And I promise.  I will take more pictures.


Packing was a stressful experience.  i had no idea what I needed and what I didn’t for this trip.  I ended up only taking one suitcase and one carry on.  Now that I am over here, I think it worked out. Or I don’t know it is missing yet.

This was my first time flying on a commercial flight and, not gonna lie, I was freaking out on the inside.  All I could think about was the plane crashing into the ground.  Images from Final Destination, LOST, and that episode of Supernatural with the Demon Plane raced through my mind.  Now your probably thinking, “Boy, he needs to calm down.” I was thinking, “Boy, I need to get out more.  Or watch PBS.”

We left from St. Louis in some small fixer-upper.  The flight attendant didn’t inspire confidence when he said one of us would have to move up to the front to equalize the weight.  I’m saying my prayers at this moment…

We made it to JFK and spent the next 3 hours chilling in the terminal.  I spent a little time exploring the airport and squinting at the New York skyline.  How do you know your from a small town?  When you think airport terminals are cool.

"Gee wilikers, thats a heck of an exercise treadmill."

We took off from JFK on a massive Boeing 767.  My nerves have settled.  I figure if the bucket with wings didn’t go down, this one can’t.  My heart didn’t get much rest though.

I’m sitting next to Kayla on the plane, who has red hair.  Now, the jury is still out about my color, but to one particular flight attendant it was as red as a London double decker.  She sees us from the other aisle, walks over to us and asks “I bet I know what color your kids’ hair is going to be?”

"I don't care, as long as they are happy, healthy and nonexistent for ten or more years."

So after another round of prayers to God for a low sperm count, we lifted off. To all my New York friends, the lights of your city is beautiful at night.  It looked like rivers of light from above.  Before I die, I want to visit and see it from ground level.

I ended the night watching Office Space.  Not much sleep though.

So before I come back to the States, what new disaster plane films should I see? Type your suggestion in the comment section below.

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog.  I will try to update it as much as possible and upload pictures.  First, though, I have to take them.

An explanation about the blog name.  Ever seen An American Werewolf In London? Probably not.  But I needed a clever name and this works.

It's a real movie!

And what’s a gorlok?  Thirty years or so ago, Webster University was looking for a mascot and held a contest asking for design submissions.  Being an eccentric liberal arts school, we didn’t didn’t go with a tiger, or a bear, or…a red wave.  We went with combination of a cheetah, saint bernard, and buffalo.  Now it might sound…and look…ridiculous, but we have gotten more free press from this genetic mismatch than the whats-its-name Mizzou tiger ever will.  This little guy (or girl?) has made several top-ten lists and even won a mascot contest.

I'm not sure were the mane came from...

Enough background already.  Let me tell you about my flight and London.