The Study Abroad Office brochure said I could travel around Europe, tour around London, and gain a whole new perspective on the world.  Then I get here and I learn its all a trap.  During the week, I have to go to this thing called college.  How will I ever “discover myself” now?

"Mom, Dad. I'm going to start my own greeting card business. I'm totally going to take down Hallmark...First, though, can I have $2,000?

Luckily, the classes are interesting and, most importantly, NOT MATH!  The classes are:

  • 1. International Law
  • 2. Introduction to International Relations
  • 3. Social History of London
  • 4. Topics in Music: Contemporary Music in London

British education focuses a lot more on reading than American education.  We also will be doing a lot of presentations in class.  But the international relations classes are full of information and discussion about relevant information of the day (i.e. Arab Spring, Syria, Scotland.)  It is also interesting to hear the international student perspective.  I know the US position on international issues purely from living in the environment.  But to hear a contrary opinion not based on US Strategic Policy is quite new.  It also raises the issue for me of how insular US news media and the political world is.  Crazy, I know.  A class that makes you think.

In the London-centric classes, we are going to be doing a lot of travel across London.  Its been a great way to see the city and learn.  Pics will be uploaded shortly, but for now here are some of the places we have and are going to in future.

Social History of London:

  • British Museum (the classes visited the museum on the first day, but I will definitely be returning)
  • The City of London Churches, London Guildhall, Roman Amphitheater (see the post: PICS: CITY OF LONDON)
  • Greenwich – National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House and Royal Observatory
  • The Monument, St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Bloomsbury, the Foundling Museum
  • Geffrye Museum
  • Streets of Whitechapel (Jack the Ripper’s killing grounds) and Denis Severs’ House
  • London Transport Museum
  • Churchill War Rooms, South Bank Centre

Contemporary Music of London

  • Tour of Musical London (PICS coming shortly)
  • Concert Trip #1: tUnE-yArDs at Shepherd’s Bush Empire
  • Concert Trip #2: Wu Lyf at Heaven
  • Concert Trip #3: Larry Graham and Graham Central Station at Clapham Grand
  • Concert Trip #4: 606 Club/Vortex Club

Maybe going to class won’t be that bad…


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