Sorry everybody.  I haven’t been uploading this blog enough.  Its been a busy week.  But now I’ve got free time so here are some updates.

After waking up, Matt and I walked around the park surrounding Regent’s College.  It’s a really beautiful place.  I’ll take some pics one of these days and upload them for you.  Matt’s from Boston, and goes to Wooster College.  He is pretty laid-back for the most part and was really interested in farm life.

After our walk, we went to Student Welcome meeting in the auditorium.  For the most part it was a lot of lecturing, but it only lasted an hour.  Our Study Abroad Advisor’s name is Erin Snape and when introduced herself to us at the lecture, someone (I’m not kidding) gasped behind us.  For those who did not read every “Harry Potter” novel (multiple times) or watch every “Harry Potter” film (multiple times) or beg Mom and Dad for the limited edition “Hogwarts” Lego set (it looked cool on TV), Severus Snape was a character in the Harry Potter book series.  And by the sound of Erin’s defeated sigh, you could tell this was not the first time she had encountered a overly-enthusiatic Harry Potter fan.  She must go through this every semester.  And she must really hate J.K. Rowling.

"Yes, yes. Wait until I introduce my colleague Dumbledore Quidditch. Your heads will explode."

It’s important to point out, the Brits don’t have Harry-Potter-mania like we do in the States and the rest of the world.  They seem to be over it and just want to move on.  I can only imagine the questions less-than-intelligent people have asked them over the years.

"Yeah, we use owls to deliver our letters."

And since this has been a very Harry Potter-themed post, l leave you with a song performed by Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley).  He hasn’t moved on too well from stardom.


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